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A Month of Hands

A Month of Hands: 1/31 :: Making Breakfast

I’m eager to get into a new daily photography project, and here it is:  A Month of Hands.  Won’t you join me?

Our hands are always busy, always making art, preparing meals, helping children, keeping journals, driving vehicles, holding doors open, tying shoelaces, applying nail polish, picking berries… all of those things and many, many more.

I hope you’ll join the flickr group, and spend the next 31 days with me, documenting the work of your hands.  And please spread the word if you like – how wonderful it will be to see how women everywhere use their hands in nurturing, creative, and utilitarian ways!

Add the button to your website, if you like:

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “A Month of Hands

  1. Can’t wait!! Sounds like fun. Took the picture, now I just need to upload it.
    .-= See tejae’s latest blog post: Silver Charm Prototypes and Charm Giveaway! =-.

    1. Oh, good! Thanks for playing 🙂

  2. Hey! Thanks for the shout out in “visit these friends”. Love the hands project, I still haven’t tried flicker myself, but look forward to following “hands”. Take care…
    .-= See KarenLR’s latest blog post: to gaze or to sew, that is the question… =-.

    1. Oh, you may be better off- flickr can be addicting!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Um it might be me, but I couldn’t get the button to work on my blog! any suggestions??
    Sorry 🙁
    .-= See Deb’s latest blog post: Recession… =-.

    1. Hmmm, that would be because the code was completely messed-up. My fault entirely. I fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. What a great idea! I am in Michigan and have posted this to my Facebook and local knitting group. I am in!! Sounds like great fun. Thanks.
    .-= See Wylie K’s latest blog post: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 =-.

    1. That’s great! Thanks for spreading the word.

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