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Curses! Foiled again.

So, I went and got myself a head cold. It’s not my favorite thing in the world, that’s for sure. I’ve pretty much wanted nothing more than to curl up under a rock all day. I’ve shirked all responsibility except that of the motherly kind today (I actually did alright in that department – we […]

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The Simpsons, Some Rats & Color Week

Here’s a recent family portrait, courtesy of The Simpsons Movie. I wasted far too much time on that site this morning. Neil designed his own avatar, and I did mine & the kids, although the boys did pick out their own outfits (if you couldn’t guess…) Thanks a lot, Neil, for sending me that and […]

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Class reunion

Neil introduced me to LinkedIn a few days ago. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s kind of like MySpace for grown-ups, without the flashy graphics or the fun. It really is geared towards professionals who want to make business connections. I’ve entered all of my pertinent information (what I could remember, anyway… so much […]

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Color week and play, play, play!

Ok, not really playing, but I liked the way it contrasted with the title of yesterday’s post Today’s Color Week color is green, and I thought instantly of this larger-than-life fixture in my family room: It’s a bag of packing peanuts, taller than I am and several times as wide. Fun, eh? We’re spending tomorrow […]

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Color week and work, work, work!

I just stumbled across this Color Week post, and I thought it was a neat idea. So, here’s my entry for today, which is Red/Pink day: I think that qualifies as “red.” It’s been a busy day around here, computer-work-wise, and I’m not really done yet. I added 14 new items to the store, mostly […]

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Bestsellers for June

Top 5 Sellers* for June, 2007 1 ) Book:The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects 2 ) Project Book:The CF Sculpture Series Cats Big and Small 3 ) DVD:ArtWay Studio Extruding Polymer Clay Canes 4 ) Magazine:Step-By-Step Clay Jewelry 2005 5 ) Magazine:Step-By-Step Clay Jewelry 2004 Bestsellers for previous months (Bestsellers prior to May, […]

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Image transfers and clay weekend

Hello, friends! I just read this information on Donna Kato’s blog: If you use her method of image transfers on Epson paper, you may have a problem in the future. Check it out. I’m back from my clay weekend. A fun time was had, a couple of things were made (well, half-made, anyway) and some […]

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