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Image transfers and clay weekend

Hello, friends! I just read this information on Donna Kato’s blog: If you use her method of image transfers on Epson paper, you may have a problem in the future. Check it out.

I’m back from my clay weekend. A fun time was had, a couple of things were made (well, half-made, anyway) and some beautiful beads were ogled. It also seems the menfolk did just fine without me.

I’ve no pictures to share from the workshop yet. I made a small handful of things, but they won’t be finished until I can get myself out to buy some sandpaper. I am not a sanding type of gal. I am happy with my finishing technique, which does not involve a lick of sanding. I do recognize, though, that sanding could really push my work into another realm, in terms of artistry. It’s worth playing around with. Hopefully I can load the kids into the car tomorrow and go on a sandpaper quest!

It was a *gorgeous* day today! Several times while I was driving, I wished I could take a picture of the sky, the trees, the surroundings. I decided I’d rather pay attention to the road and get to my destination alive than fiddle with the camera, so I’m afraid I can’t share any of the sights with you


[edited to add: I’ve been trying to decide which is better: replying to comments right here on the blog so that everybody can see them, or responding via email to the commenter so that I know for sure they see my answer. I’ve tried it both ways, and both have their pros and cons. I like the idea of replying here because it fosters conversation. However, it’s not all that likely that the person I am replying to is ever going to come back here and read the reply – and that defeats the purpose! To try and help in that department, I just installed a plugin that will allow you to subscribe to comments via email. It is my hope that when you post a comment, you will check that box and be notified when more comments are posted. This will ensure that you receive my reply, as well as those of anyone else who might have something to add to what you said. I welcome any feedback about this!]

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