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Muffin Mania

Ever set aside a few minutes for one simple task, only to find several hours later that you’ve gotten completely off track? I could write a book…

This morning I wandered into the kitchen to make my Strawberry Cool & Easy Pie. Two hours and a sink full of dishes later, I had the pie, three little sundae dishes full of the extra pie filling and decorated with fruity faces, and four mini loaves plus a dozen Strawberry Blueberry Banana Muffins! (In my defense, had I not dumped that fruit into a recipe of some kind, I’d be dumping it out on the lawn for the local wildlife to have their way with.)

The muffins were made using my (in)famous Pumpkin Bread recipe. I just replaced the pumpkin with the same amount of other fruits. I also eliminated the spices and the water, since the fruit was watery enough. This is such a versatile recipe! I use it any time I have a pile of fruit that I want to get rid of.

So, lots of yummy goodness in the house now, but I’m still in my pajamas. At 2pm. And I never finished processing those recent orders (ugh, I’m sorry guys! I hope I’ll be all caught up tonight after the fireworks!)

Oh! by the way, I figured out where I saw the ice bowl idea I mentioned in a previous post. I should have guessed it was Martha… I make it with glass bowls, though, and leave both bowls where they are, so that when the ice melts it stays between the bowls and can be re-frozen.

Time to go pick out something vaguely-patriotic-but-not-over-the-top-dorky to wear and hop in the shower. Happy 4th to my fellow American readers!


P.S. Just so I don’t whittle away even more time today, let’s let the lemon napkin in that muffin picture be my Color Week submission for today – it’s Yellow Day


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