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Color week and work, work, work!

I just stumbled across this Color Week post, and I thought it was a neat idea. So, here’s my entry for today, which is Red/Pink day:

I think that qualifies as “red.”

It’s been a busy day around here, computer-work-wise, and I’m not really done yet. I added 14 new items to the store, mostly magazines, but also some preorders. Additionally, I published last month’s bestseller list, last quarter’s bestseller list, and the Polypubs mailing for June.

I still have to deal with all of the email that piled up while I was away this weekend, including new orders and payments, and I have a plethora of other little things to take care of. Being that it’s after 10pm here, it’s unlikely that I’ll finish tonight, but you can bet I’ll have chipped away significantly at it tomorrow.

And I have to keep reminding myself to get some sandpaper! The longer I put that off, the more likely my half-finished beads from this weekend will stay half-finished forever.


Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Color week and work, work, work!

  1. have a wonderful time catching up! 🙂 i hope your business sales go well and i hope you have a great new weekend too!!! i just emailed you soemthing i found for you! feel no need to email back 😀

    take much care my dear!

  2. Hi, LisaC! Just poking around before I go get the kids. I haven’t seen you around the Refuge much, and thought I’d check up on you over here. Have a great fourth of july tomorrow!



  3. Thanks, Ella! I confess I have barely made a dent today, but as soon as I’m done with this, I’m going to get to it!

    Hey, LisaW, nice to see you! I have been lurking on the Refuge from time to time, but haven’t posted really. I’m glad you dropped by – happy Fourth to you, too!

  4. wow! the color of those strawberries is really amazing!!
    what a beautiful red.

  5. Yes, they were striking, weren’t they! The jam I turned them into is a nice red, too 🙂

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