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Say thank you

It’s time for another tutorial! This time we call on the lovely and talented Crafty Goat, aka Angela Mabray. Angela shows us how to combine Sculpey Ultralight with inks and papers to create a unique Thank You Card. The variations on this technique are many, and the finished project is light enough and flexible enough […]

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Bestsellers for July

1 ) Project Book:The CF Sculpture Series Cats Big and Small 2 ) Magazine:PolymerCAFE Summer 2007 3 ) Book:The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects 4 ) Project Book: Creative Canes 5 ) Project Book: Tiny Babies Bestsellers for previous months (Bestsellers prior to May, 2007) Want to be notified instantly when this list […]

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Ow! Ow! Ow!

Is the universe trying to tell me something? Am I only supposed to get one batch of shipments out the door each week?? There’s been a cycle recently, and it goes like this: Send out a batch of orders Spend a week getting caught up in summer fun and crafty activities Realize a week has […]

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A Flickin’ Weekend

Raise your hand if you were thinking yesterday that I was completely out of control. Oh, wow, look at the bevy of wildly waving arms out there. That must be the 86 people who call me a Flickr contact… I was an uploading machine yesterday! I am pretty sure I heard a collective moan each […]

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All she wants to do is dance

Or make stuff. Yeah, make stuff. I was planning on packing up some orders this morning. I really need to. I also need to throw in a load of laundry, clean the kitchen, straighten up the living room, put away piles of new inventory (shall I continue??). Somehow, on the way home from dropping off […]

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Mary janes, bibs, and ultra sleep shorts

It was a rainy summer day yesterday – the first really all-day heavy-rain kind of day we’ve had in a while. The kids had an activity in the morning that I had to drive them to and we all got pretty wet getting there. Then I got wet getting myself back. I quickly realized that […]

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