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Adventures in self-color-changing cane-making

Despite not really enjoying the idea of making the exact same cane twice, I put on my big girl panties this past week and forced myself to sit down and re-create a millefiori cane I had used up: the Rainbow Afghan. And good thing, too, because it was an excellent addition to my demonstration for the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay guild yesterday. Also, Neil’s eye is on the mend.

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Fit Your Knits

[Note: if you tried to click the link to the class and got an error, please try again. I’ve fixed the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience!] A long long, time ago… [oops, I almost just launched into the first verse of American Pie!] I was given the opportunity to take Stefanie Japel‘s Knit Lab: Fit […]

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Gigantic swampy earrings

Hey, remember when this used to be a polymer clay blog?  Well, if you’ve been nostalgic for those days, maybe you’ll like what I have to show you tonight. This weekend I took a class with Ellen Marshall in Philadelphia.  Ellen is the queen of surface treatments.  Whereas most of my own claywork involves the […]

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With all of this new jewelry, maybe I should dress up once in a while.

I miss the Hampton Inn.  I miss the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on, I miss the laptop power cord I accidentally left on the desk there, but most of all I miss the soap dish and lumbar pillow.  I know that sounds weird, but they were my props for the photo shoot on […]

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Giddy anticipation

I’m getting excited for a class I am going to take next weekend in Philadelphia.  I just booked my room, so I can easily hang around for the guild meeting the following day, and I’ve been spending this morning drooling over reacquainting myself with some of Julie Picarello‘s work. Most of the images that illustrate […]

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Polymer clay at the library

So, I guess you’re wondering where I wandered off to, eh? Well, it’s been such a crazy busy week here, and much of what I’ve been doing has been un-photograph-worthy, and frankly, really boring to talk about. One noteworthy thing I did do, was teach a class at the local library on Thursday evening. And […]

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Eye candy

Please forgive the less-than-stellar photography on these – I plan to spend some time making them look pretty in pictures after I’ve drilled the holes and strung them on cords.  I don’t know how long that will take and I didn’t want to wait to post these! So this first image is of the pendant […]

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