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Hello, friends!

I had a busy few days before Christmas, enjoyed a lovely holiday with my in-laws, and hosted a pleasant day-after-Christmas party for my side of the family.  The following day, which would be yesterday, I spent 14 hours eating potato chips & peanut butter cookies and playing Zoo Tycoon in my pajamas.

I am planning for today to be slightly more productive and less fattening a prospect icon_biggrin-flickr-9

Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Hello, friends!

  1. yum…now that sounds like some healthy eating to me 🙂

    also sounds like you had a nice restful Christmas. Now….get back to posting. I missed you!

    1. I’m sure if I had a few minutes to breathe I’d have missed being here, too 😉

      And as for my junk food diet, I guess I’m not as resilient as I used to be. All of that munching gave me some wicked heartburn. Probably just as well!

  2. OMGosh! I bought Zoo Tycoon for Ch and I AM HOOKED!!! I played for hours and hours yesterday. He’s not too fond of it yet, but I am in LOVE. LOL

    1. It’s an illness, I think. My first three zoos tanked, but I’ve got one going now that is making money faster than I can spend it. Wish I could do that with a *real* business, LOL!

      1. I can’t get one to make much money yet. but I will succeed soon!!!!! LOL

  3. oooh zoo tycoon….haven’t played in about a year, but boy is it addicting!

    Hope you guys had a nice holiday :O)

    1. Oh, yeah, really addicting. I’ve managed to stay away for the last two days, though. Let’s hope I can keep it up, because once I get sucked in, I may let the house fall apart and my business crumble around me, LOL!

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