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Must be Santa

New skirt

I’ve been skirt-making again!  This time I went back to my roots of using the Sew What! Skirts method, and I used Alexander Henry’s Merry Christmas Santa fabric.  And now, as I sit here in a pair of very seasonally inappropriate lounge pants, I am struck by just how much I need to use this fabric for a new pair of pj’s.  Heh.   Unfortunately, I only have enough fabric left for a kid-size pair.

New table mat

And a table mat.  I decided that the living room needs to have a Santa theme, what with Tacky Santa in the window, and the Santa hat on our big ceramic giraffe.  So, I relegated the original table mat to the kitchen where it will live under the snack bowl, and I made this one for the living room.  Later, when we get the holiday decorations down from the attic, I will probably place the ceramic Santa & Mrs. Claus bank Aunt Grace gave me when I was a baby on it.  It’s not the most attractive decoration, but I display it every year, and I think it will fit in very nicely with Tacky Santa and the kitschy mat.

Oh, and while I had the red thread out, I also used some more Christmas Past fabric (the stuff I used on my holiday napkins, apron & other table mat) to make a table mat for the Dining room.  I will be switching to blue thread later today for some gift-making icon_biggrin-flickr-6-2

Favorites week of December 10

Flickr favorites this week are heavy on the beads & jewelry, but I really like that apron & pillows, too.  There is something appealing about patchwork combined with solid linen.  I love the simple, crisp lines with a splash of color.

Some Color Challenge Samples

Speaking of splashes of color… the Color Challenge for this month is rolling right along!  Red seems to be a very popular color.  There are plenty of submissions this time around, and it’s going to be hard to choose!  If you’re not too busy decking the halls right now, go make something red.  And if you are busy decking the halls, why not take an artful photograph of a red decoration and submit that?

And now I am off to decide whether it’s worth taking a shower and getting dressed right  now, or if I should just jump headlong into making things icon_wink-flickr-5-3

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Must be Santa

  1. I love the Santa skirt. So cute. I’m not a skirt girl, but yours are always so cute. And thankd for including my red monkey pouch, hehe. Red’s an easier challenge for me to take part in.

    1. I like that monkey pouch 🙂

      Thanks re: the skirts – I turned into a skirt girl this summer. Before that, it was pretty much jeans or shorts for me. And now that the weather is cold again, I’m back to jeans. Or comfy lounge pants. Heh.

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