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Scenes from the week after Christmas

I just can’t seem to drag myself away from zookeeping, socializing, and a wee bit of tv-watching long enough to get a proper post together. Since I know that there are throngs of you missing your daily dose of polka dots, I will force myself to stay awake long past my bed time and post these images for you to enjoy icon_biggrin-flickr-10 (in most cases, you can click on the image for further details)

A bit of creativity:

New shirt

Some domesticity:

Day After Christmas at Our House
Day After Christmas at Our House
Day After Christmas at Our House

And a healthy dose of parenthood:

Trimming the tree
Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning
Brotherly love

I’m sure I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled yammering once school starts up again, but for now, I’m enjoying having no schedule whatsoever. I haven’t read another blog since December 23rd, and I hadn’t checked my email in three days, either. But I did play around with making a Polka Dot Creations toolbar after seeing the link on Polymer Clay Notes this morning. Fun idea, but I wonder if anyone would actually use it?

I’m going to try and talk myself into being back here to post again tomorrow. After all, there is a Color Challenge to judge…


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Scenes from the week after Christmas

  1. How much do I love these pictures of you and your boys in matching Santa pants? Freakin’ adorable. Happy New Year to you, and I’m looking forward to more of your bloggy goodness in 2008!

    1. Oh, thanks, I’m really lovin’ the matching pants thing myself. I need to start looking for some kitschy Valentine’s Day fabric, I think 😉

      Happy New Year to you, too! Looking forward to your next craftypod!

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