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T-60 minutes or so

Closed, originally uploaded by Jasoon. It’s the end of the second week of December, and true to form, I am really looking forward to my time off. Not that I should really refer to it as time “off.” The week before Christmas I will spend on decorating, shopping, making things, and all of the wonderful […]

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Snow Day

<a href=”” title=”Tooth #2 down”><img src=”” alt=”Tooth #2 down” align=”left” border=”0″ height=”85″ hspace=”10″ vspace=”5″ width=”100″ /></a>The phone rang at 5:45 this morning. The voice at the other end was a recorded message, apologizing for the early call, but letting us know that the district was canceling school today due to anticipated inclement weather. Aidan was […]

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Drama out the window

About an hour ago, fire trucks started arriving and parking across the street. At last count, there were three trucks (from two different towns), a handful of police cars, a few ambulances, miscellaneous official town government cars including an “emergency management” vehicle, and a whole lot of men in uniforms wandering around the yard. Just […]

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No apologies

One of the unwritten rules of blogging is “don’t apologize for not blogging.” So I won’t. I’m here now, and that’s what counts, right? Right I can tell from the overwhelming response to my last post that you are all sooooo into digital scrapbooking. So, allow me to share one more image. This is my […]

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It only took me 8 hours

There were rumors going around this house that we were going to put up the Christmas tree today. No doubt these rumors were started by little people who have no clue what is involved in extracting the decorations from the attic. Nevermind the prep work necessary to make the living room / dining room tree-friendly. […]

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What’s that you say? I was too busy daydreaming to hear you.

My 7-year-old has some issues with time management, and a friend suggested I do a little research on something known as Inattentive ADD. Well, after an hour or so of poking around, I don’t really know if my son has it, but I’m pretty sure that I do! Ack! Check out this list of symptoms. […]

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It’s Show-and-Tell Thursday!

Ok, I made that up. But it’s Thursday, and I wanted to show you what I finished yesterday. [Better grab a cup of coffee – this is a long one!] This is the ever-important Christmas apron. Most years, I have good intentions about getting my holiday decorating done nice and early so that I can […]

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Hi there

My name is Lisa Clarke. You might remember me from such shows as “Last Time I Looked at the Clock it was 7:15 and Now it’s Midnight and I’ve Wasted all Night Blogging” and “Ovens are for Clay not for Food” and let’s not forget “We Haven’t Eaten at the Dining Room Table in Two […]

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