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Fun with chalk and fabric scraps

It wasn’t brutally humid today, so we spent some time outside the afternoon, dipping our feet in the pool, playing with chalk, sharing a snack mix. Neil used the chalk to write you all a warning, which I rather hope you do not heed. (Aside: did you know that you can hover your mouse over […]

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Going bowling

One of my oldest friends is having a birthday party for her 6-year-old at the bowling alley tomorrow, and of course the first thing I thought was “I have a skirt for that!” I  made my skirt back in August, but I haven’t actually been bowling in many many years.  I even made a couple […]

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I dug into the pile

I knew I wouldn’t resist the pile for long. I managed to clean the kitchen first, but then I just needed to play. Meet “Button-Embellished Patchwork Scarf in Joel Dewberry Aviary Prints,” who has taken up residence at Etsy and is waiting to go to a loving home. I really like this scarf, but I’m […]

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What is this thing you call “Claypron” ?

Autum Hall, aka Creative Little Daisy, made an apron that appealed to me for its simplicity. It was a light solid color, which I initially mistook for linen, with a patchwork pocket and coordinating colorful ties. I was surprised to learn that it was actually made from canvas. More specifically a canvas painter’s drop cloth […]

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Think you can stand looking at a few more scarves?

Or are you about ready to gouge your eyes out by now? These are for the boys. The one on the left goes with Aidan’s orange vest, and the one on the right goes with Eamonn’s blue vest. They’re both made in my usual way, with flannel backing, polymer clay buttons, and a few patches […]

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Scarves and Buttons

I’m making scarves for the boys.  They’re going to be the two columns on the left, made to match their blue and orange vests.  The other three will go in my etsy shop. I had to make coordinating buttons, of course… Here’s another series of scarves I’ll be working on.  The one on the left […]

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Poor little misfit scarf

The boys and I braved 50-degree temperatures, squeaky car brakes and raging PMS for a quick trip to Wal-Mart today. I was in need of baby blue thread, and Neil not being home, I couldn’t just run out on my own. Waiting until Monday was out of the question because I really wanted all three […]

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