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Snuck in some sewing time today

New apron

…and managed to finish up my new apron.  This is the same style as the last one I made, but I used the Susan Branch fabric that matches my kitchen napkins.  And my navy blue stoneware.

New apron

I want to play around some more with this style – I really think it has possibilities.  The beauty of it for me is that aside from the linen it only requires very small pieces of fabric.  In my stash, “very small” is about all I have left, LOL!  I can see this with a little Freshcut patchwork. Maybe some Lotus, Chocolate Lollipop, or Bleeker Street?   Definitely Elsie’s Kitchen.  Am I delusional, or do you think people would buy them?  Be honest – this wouldn’t be the first time my aesthetic didn’t jive with the rest of the world’s icon_biggrin-flickr-3-3

Oh, and I should say, any future aprons I make like this would have the fabric placement more like the first one I made than like this one.  I had to fudge some of the measurements on this one in order to make the very tiny scraps I had left work.

Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Snuck in some sewing time today

  1. Hi Lisa, don’t get me wrong, I think the aprons are–if you’ll excuse the expression–cute as a button. But to answer your question about people buying them, all I can say is. do people wear aprons? I haven’t since the 70s, but that may be just me. Considering how often I drop schnivels of polyclay on my jeans when claying, maybe I should! If in your experience people do buy aprons, yours are certainly lovely…just don’t know how much of a market there is.

    1. Believe it or not, aprons are making a big comeback – they’re very retro-chic right now. Wander around Etsy and Flickr a bit, and you’ll see them popping up everywhere. There are even a few blogs all about aprons. Tie One On and The Apronista come to mind.

      Cute as a button. Heh. That’s funny 🙂

  2. As I posted weeks ago Lisa….you have made me want to pull out the sewing machine after years of just sitting in the corner…I LOVE the fabrics you use! and the addition of your buttons is the icing on the cake….I am thinking just the opposite of Diane…this makes me want to start wearing aprons again…so if I were you I would put a couple up for sale and see what happens…. 🙂

    See what Melanie has been blogging about: Ron’s Hearts

    1. Cool- thanks for weighing in! If our paths do cross at the clayathon next weekend, you’ll probably find me hip-deep in button-making and color-mixing to match the piles of fat-quarters I’ve been having a hard time resisting online 😉 I’m getting so excited to just play in this way for two days!

      Now, if only wearing an apron could make me more likely to keep the kitchen clean, we’d be getting somewhere… At the moment, my favorite part of having an apron on is the pocket – somewhere handy to keep Reese’s Pieces 😉

  3. I stand corrected apron-wise! And I sure can see the usefulness of the pocket. Then you should definitely go for it.

    1. Thanks! And, yeah, useful for a snack attack, but terrible for my waistline…

  4. This apron is beautiful! I love your blog, I found you thanks to blogcatalog. Just added you on my friend list. have a nice day, Giusy

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