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What is this thing you call “Claypron” ?

Autum Hall, aka Creative Little Daisy, made an apron that appealed to me for its simplicity. It was a light solid color, which I initially mistook for linen, with a patchwork pocket and coordinating colorful ties. I was surprised to learn that it was actually made from canvas. More specifically a canvas painter’s drop cloth from the home improvement store! I just thought that was the coolest idea, so this past weekend while I was picking up a handful of baking tiles at Home Depot, I made a stop in the paint aisle.


This is a somewhat heavier-duty apron than the others I’ve made, and I plan to use it for crafting. When I sit down at the table and start spreading those thin layers of Liquid Kato Polyclay over my pendants with my bare fingers, I inevitably find myself wondering what to do with the resulting gooey hands. Once in a while I get up and get a paper towel. Usually, I just wipe them on my pants. Now I can clean off those fingertips with my clay apron. Or “claypron” for short icon_biggrin-flickr-4-3.


A few details: The cotton fabrics are from Michele D’Amore’s Bleeker Street collection (I loooove these – I am going to be sad when I run out…). Instead of a button for the pocket, I pinned my NJPCG name tag on there. The name tag is made entirely of clay and is basically a transfer of an image (“Lisa Clarke” in the Polka Dot Creations font) framed by the Swamp Kaleidoscope cane and outlined in brown.

I’m thinking this dropcloth would make a decent tote bag as well. Wish I had time to play with that today, but it’ll have to wait. Duty calls. Many duties call, in fact. Oh well!

Posted on 18 Comments

18 thoughts on “What is this thing you call “Claypron” ?

  1. I love my claypron, though I will admit I didn’t make it. I designed the graphic and have them on my CafePress Store and says either “Go Ahead, Make my clay” or “Eye clay well with others”. I wore one at the last Sandy Camp and got folks to sign it as a good memory. Yours rocks btw!

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: How do you spell relief?

    1. Fun 🙂 Does CafePress have aprons available anymore? I didn’t see them last time I updated my shop. Might have been fun to have one with my logo on it. Although, I think maybe I have enough things with my logo on them. And enough aprons, for that matter 😉

      1. yeppers, they still have aprons. in the home and office section. The one thing about your aprons is that they are personalized with a matching clay button. the ones from CafePress only get personalized with a graphics.

        1. True, but there’s nothing stopping me from further embellishing a vanilla CafePress apron with claythings and fabric. Yeah. Just what I need. Another project idea to clutter up my head.

          1. thats right. you can bulk order and then add more embellishments. I never think of that since I can’t afford to do a bulk buy. Any time I can help the project clutter…just ask *g*

          2. Actually, I was only thinking of making one for me. I hadn’t even considered the bulk option… until now, LOL! Nah, I can’t really afford that, either.

  2. Oh, choirs of angels — Home Depot canvas??? Now that’s an idea. I love the idea of a fabric I can wipe my grubby hands all over without worry. Your apron is beautiful!

    1. Oh, yeah, and the best part is that there is still TONS of it left! I really need some time to play, because I’m dying to put the rest of it to good use.

  3. I adore that apron! (and I don’t wear aprons! LOL!) Great job, Lisa. And your name tag is fab!

    1. Thanks, Christie! I’ve started wearing them lately in the hope that having the “uniform” will actually make me spend some time in the kitchen. It’s only sort of working, LOL!

  4. what a beautiful apron (claypron) – I just love the colors and the button is just so cute

    1. Thanks! I hope I remember to actually wear it next time I get messy with clay.

  5. I love your apron Lisa. I’m sure you’ll find lots of uses for the rest of the canvas. I made a couple of patchwork floor cloths for my kitchen and backed them with the canvas.

    1. Thanks! I was just so inspired by yours. Floor cloths, eh? I’ve never made one of those. I’m thinking the canvas would make a nice, sturdy tote bag.

  6. Much nicer than my old grungy Calphalon apron that I wear. And it reminds me that I have GOT to get a nametag made for Synergy. I have the idea, just no time. I also need to finish my seminar notes…sheesh, grumble, grumble.

    1. Ooh, I’m getting all giddy over here for Synergy! I hadn’t thought about a name tag for that. I’ll have to make a few more – got to have one to match every outfit, of course 😀

  7. I love that Bleeker Street fabric and have resisted so far. Your apron looks gorgeous in it with canvas.

    And your name tag is the coolest thing ever! Can you make one with my logo on it? How coool!

    1. Sure! I’ll drop you a line and see if we can figure something out.

      Bleeker Street is getting hard to find. I wish I had bought a FQ set when I saw them a few months ago.

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