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Scarves and Buttons

Scarf layouts

I’m making scarves for the boys.  They’re going to be the two columns on the left, made to match their blue and orange vests.  The other three will go in my etsy shop.

New buttons

I had to make coordinating buttons, of course…

Scarf layouts

Here’s another series of scarves I’ll be working on.  The one on the left is Kathi‘s custom order, and the other four will make their way to my Polka Dot Creations (non-etsy) shop.

So that’s 10 scarves in the works.  After I took these pictures, I cut out the flannel backings and all of the linen pieces as well, so I have ten neat little piles, waiting for me to sew them when the opportunity arises.  Aside from the three that have definite recipients waiting for them, that could be in two days, two weeks or two months, depending on how successful I am at squelching the little voice in my head that says “who needs clean clothes, food in the fridge, and vacuumed floors? finishing crafty projects is of vital importance!”  It seems like a losing battle, but for the sake of my home and my family, I must fight the good fight 😉

What am I thankful for today?  Well, at the risk of sounding exactly like yesterday, I’m thankful for an afternoon visiting with Michele.   Not quite like yesterday, though.  That was a visit with Michelle with two ll’s.  Today I visited Michele with one l.  Michele is my oldest friend, matron of honor at my wedding, and someone I rarely see anymore despite the fact that we only live about 30 minutes away from each other.  I’m thankful that she thought to email me last night when she realized she had a day with no plans, and I’m thankful that I was online at 11pm to receive the message in time.  And, after seeing our collective four boys doing a fine imitation of a jungle full of monkeys, I’m thankful that I only had to bring two of them back home with me.  Heh.

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4 thoughts on “Scarves and Buttons

  1. Wow! Those will be great when they’re done! I love the matching buttons (of course).

    1. Thanks! I’m happy with the ones I completed. I hope I have some time this week to make the rest!

  2. ooo dance dance dance!! I material made it! Love love LOVE the layout for mine! I can’t wait to cuddle in it. ok….maybe not cuddle but you know what I mean 😀

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you like the layout! I finished it today – hope it’s as cuddle-able as it looks 🙂

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