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TWiP: Another Pandemic Christmas

Just like last year, we connected via video to watch everybody open their gifts from three different locations: the gathering at Mom’s house, my living room, and a quarantined bedroom. It wasn’t ideal, but I’m glad that we have the option of this type of alternate last-minute plan.

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Custom-fit Mug Cozy

So I’ve been staring at the smiling Hershey Kiss on this garage sale travel mug for at least two years.  I’ve never liked it, and I often think about scribbling over it with a Sharpie. Today I decided to take action in a much more attractive way.  If you have your own straight-sided, handled cup […]

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What was that I said about needing a bigger one? Gotta love those instant-gratification sewing projects. This Amy Butler cozy looks lovely on my new coffee press travel mug (which I totally love – who knew on-the-go coffee pressing would make me so happy?). I like that it covers up most of the writing on […]

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Cozy coffee

I’ve had the main out-of-print Bleeker Street fabric, the flannel lining, the quilt batting and the fancy button set aside for this little project since last December, but then Christmas came, and my focus was needed elsewhere, and well, you know how that goes.  I unearthed the little bundle of supplies again when I cleaned […]

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Buttons can go on upcycled bags…

The first of the Big Button Challenge submissions has come in!  Take a look at this fabulous altered purse by Penny Richards.   I love how she used the pattern on the button as an inspiration for the motif she painted onto the bag. Hard to believe this was once a plain brown handbag, isn’t it?  […]

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The Big Button Challenge

How many ways can you use a handcrafted button? As you can see, I’ve come up with a few ways over the last couple of years.  Now it’s your turn – and there’s a prize involved.  Interested? I have invited a diverse group of five people with talent in knitting, crocheting, sewing, and general craftiness […]

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I just like playing with them

Saturday I sat down with my little bowl of buttons, and began to organize them by color and pattern.  There is something strangely appealing about this activity for me.  Seriously, I could probably re-arrange and re-organize them all day long and not get bored. But then, I’m weird that way. I had them out so […]

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Sock it to me

So, I got the bright idea of knitting myself a pair of socks.  Neil got me a booklet called Learn to Knit on Circle Looms, and it included a sock project.  I have to admit, I thought the socks in the project were kind of ugly – didn’t care for the color scheme, or the […]

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