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I dug into the pile

I knew I wouldn’t resist the pile for long. I managed to clean the kitchen first, but then I just needed to play.

New scarf

Meet “Button-Embellished Patchwork Scarf in Joel Dewberry Aviary Prints,” who has taken up residence at Etsy and is waiting to go to a loving home. I really like this scarf, but I’m even more impressed with the photography, I think. I usually tend to do a mediocre job taking pictures of objects, I think, but this time I took the scarf outside and played around. It’s amazing the difference a little natural light will make.

New apron

After supper I succumbed once again, and made “Button-Embellished Patchwork Cafe Apron in Joel Dewberry Aviary Fabric Prints.” I just couldn’t help myself. As an aside, did you know that the top search term that brings people to this blog (excepting, of course, the various permutations of “polka dots”) is “aprons for sale?” At one point months ago, I had a few aprons for sale, but I haven’t for some time. Maybe this new one will get a nibble or two from all of those googlers.

I’m not as impressed with the photography on the apron pictures as I am on the scarf pictures. I took them without a flash, indoors, in rooms with plenty of light. I think I need to take the apron outside and try again later, although the images are good enough for now.  Already done.  Now I’m happy. icon_smile-flickr-3-5

His first sewing project

Last night as I was working on my apron, Aidan wandered over and asked if I could show him how to use the sewing machine. Well, sure! I love it when my guys show an interest in the crafty things I’m working on. The apron got shoved aside for a while, as Aidan and I made this little bag. He designed as we went, starting with making a pocket, and evolving into a pouch, and finally a bag with a strap. We used the last of the fabric that I’d gotten in trade from Kathi. Aidan worked the pedal, and at some points he guided the fabric through the machine as well, although mostly that was my job this first time out.

His first sewing project

Will he sew again? I think he might – he was awfully proud of his creation. And I still have some of that hideous Ultraman fabric. Maybe we can make a little tooth fairy pillow out of it. His third loose tooth is barely hanging on right now, and it would be nice to put it in something other than a ziplock baggie like we did with the other two icon_wink-flickr-1-7


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “I dug into the pile

  1. I thought I recognized that fabric. Tell Aidan he did a great job of designing and so on. Cute little bag!

    1. Done. And now he has more projects in mind. We made a “placemat” today. Good thing he usually eats out of a small bowl, is all I have to say, LOL!

  2. What a lovely apron!!! and you seem to have an even cuter helper!!!

    1. Thank you on both counts! I’ll pass along your complements to my sewing buddy 🙂

  3. That HAS to be the cutest apron ever!

    1. Thanks, Eren – I want to make a whole lot more of them 🙂

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