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Going bowling

Bowling stuff

One of my oldest friends is having a birthday party for her 6-year-old at the bowling alley tomorrow, and of course the first thing I thought was “I have a skirt for that!” I  made my skirt back in August, but I haven’t actually been bowling in many many years.  I even made a couple of designs in clay to go with the skirt lo those many moons ago, but I never really did anything with them.  Until now.

Bowling stuff

Knowing I’d need a birthday present, I thought maybe I’d use the rest of my bowling pin fabric (and some plaid stuff from eBay) and make him a scarf and a tooth fairy pillow.  While I was at it, I made some extra buttons, an extra pillow, and an extra scarf for etsy.  The only problem?

New scarf

I asked Aidan to model the scarf for a photo shoot, and he decided he liked it so much he wanted to keep it.  Nevermind that it doesn’t match his jacket like the birdseed one I have all cut out and ready to make for him.  He really likes the bowling pins.  So, because I’m a softie, and because it warms my heart that he is so enamored with something I made, I’m letting the little stinker have the scarf.

I’m on the hunt for more of this bowling pin fabric, since I just love the way it looks with the red plaid, but it seems to be long out of print.  I can’t find it anywhere online.  I originally got it from my local fabric store, and I will try to get back there this weekend to look for more, but I don’t have much hope.  I didn’t see it last time I was there.  If any of you have even 1/4 yard of this stuff and are willing to sell it to me or trade me for it, I’d love to hear from you!  It’s by Alexander Henry and it’s either called “Bowling” or “Strike” (I forget, and the selvage is long gone).


I also added a bunch of new Look and Learn items to the shop today: buttons, a scarf, and a tooth fairy pillow.  The buttons I made in the past in this color scheme sold out completely, so you might want to drop by the shop and see what the fuss is about. icon_biggrin-flickr

Now I’m off to scrounge through the trash and see if any of my bowling pin fabric scraps are big enough to piece together into another scarf.  Heh.  I don’t have much hope, but you never know.


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Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Going bowling

  1. you are such a good mom! That is great fabric. I will look here and see if this backwards towns fabric store have any.

    1. That would be cool – I’m pretty picky about it being *exactly* the same stuff, though. I’ve seen some other bowling pin fabric around, but I just really like the coloring and vintage styling on this particular print. I suspect if anyone is going to have any of this 6-year-old fabric around, it would a backwards town’s fabric store 😉

  2. A party for a 6-year-old at a bowling alley? Can kids that little even lift a bowling ball?

    1. Well, they have 8lb balls, so it’s possible. A lot of times little kids just put the ball on the floor and give it a shove. And they put bumpers in the gutters so it’s impossible to get a gutter ball. Personally, I’d like to have bumpers in the gutters for myself, LOL!

  3. Great fabric and great scarves!!!!!!! One of these days I have to make myself one of those. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m having fun with the scarf-making. I just know the weather will warm up before I’ve had my fill of it. Not that I want winter to stay any longer than usual. I’ll gladly postpone scarf-making for a little skirt weather 🙂

  4. i apologize – it looks slightly different!

    1. Yeah, it’s a bit different. So was everything else I found. Oh well, thanks anyway!

  5. Oh I love it too! No wonder Aidan fell head over heals for it!!! What fab colors!!

    1. Isn’t it striking? (Pun intended, LOL!)

  6. I don’t know if you called this place, They do state that “This item has very limited quantities remaining or it may be out-of-stock. Please call 1-877-ELKAFAB to place your order.” But it is definitely your fabric.

    Also check out AH’s blog, they might be able to help you.


    See what lsaspacey has been blogging about: A Quick Check-in

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