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Thrifty stitches

There’s a relatively new Goodwill store within 1/2-hour of home, so we all hopped in the van today and took a field trip.  I was hoping to find a funky sheet to use for the swap.  What I found was this very neutral taupe sheet – not exactly funky, but sometimes neutral is good – […]

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Bright and springy

I am not a particularly outdoorsy person, but I have a highly-attuned need to bring the outside in, wherever possible. I like natural lighting and open windows. It makes winter tough on me sometimes, and it’s why I look so forward to the arrival of spring every year. I spent the last five days in […]

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Why my kitchen still looks like World War 3

  What do you do with a boring, too-big t-shirt with an unflattering unisex crew-neck? Usually I just keep it for a season out of guilt and then chuck it in the giveaway bag. Today I had a different idea.   How about re-doing the neckline a la those Built By Wendy tops I was […]

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Cookies, aprons, pants & more

We made a different kind of cookie yesterday and were waaaaay more successful than we were with the ill-fated Pumpkin Biscotti. This time I had the “help” of a little person, which is always nice, and we slaved away all afternoon getting that sugar cookie dough perfect. Yes, it takes the ultimate concentration to combine […]

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The Accidental Thrifter

I dropped Eamonn off at preschool this morning and decided to take action and do something about my desperate hair situation.  My bangs were down past the tip of my nose and I’ve been grousing for a month.  I went someplace different than my usual, and on the way home I passed the Salvation Army […]

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Swapping and Sewing

It’s swappin’ time, and there’s nothing like leaving it to the  last minute, eh?  You may recall me mentioning the Sweet & Sinister Swap?  Well, the box is due to be mailed tomorrow.  Want to see what I’m putting in the box to my partner, Ginny? I’ve had the BOO! banner for some time now […]

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