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Bright and springy

Spring in NJ
I am not a particularly outdoorsy person, but I have a highly-attuned need to bring the outside in, wherever possible. I like natural lighting and open windows. It makes winter tough on me sometimes, and it’s why I look so forward to the arrival of spring every year.

I spent the last five days in the family room, which is a nice, big room. When all of the blinds are open, it’s often possible to flood the room with natural light. And when the weather is nice, we can open the sliding glass doors out onto the patio and get a lovely breeze. But when the blinds are closed, the lights are on, and the door is firmly shut against a cold early-Spring breeze outside, it resembles a cave to me.

Spring in NJ
With all four of us ill these past days, piles formed around us – cups that once held water when we were dehydrated, blankets that warmed our laps when we had chills, bowls that we kept nearby in case we couldn’t reach the bathroom in time, empty saltine sleeves, empty soup bowls, DVDs, papers, and small toys. So it became a cluttered cave, as well.

I’m just not cut out for cave-living. Once I felt well enough to be mobile yesterday afternoon, I just wanted out. Since Eamonn was about a day and a half ahead of me in terms of feeling better, he and I were on the same page. We started talking about spring and summer. He told me he really liked corn on a stick. “That’s great, honey, but it’s corn on the cob.” Oh, right. I told him the Farmer’s Markets will probably open soon, and how great that will be. We can buy corn on the cob, peppers, onions, potatoes… “And cheese?” he asked eagerly, “do you think the cheese guy will be there this year?” I don’t know, but I sure hope so. The cheese guy, the pickle guy, and the kettle corn people would all be so nice to see again.

It was at this point that a queasy Neil begged us to stop talking about cheese and pickles 😀

New lounge pants
So off I went to say goodbye to Gray and Slimy, and hello to Bright and Springy. That was much better.

I got that shower I so desperately wanted, and I sewed up those perky pants that I’d already cut out from a thrifted bedsheet. They are probably the most thrown-together, slipshod, imperfect garment I’ve made in my illustrious 10.5-month-long sewing career, but I can live with that. You don’t realize how much getting-up and sitting-down are involved in sewing until you try to do it nauseous with a headache. The sheet was apparently faded, so the back of the pants are more worn-looking than the front. There is a stain above the right knee that I believe is probably nail polish (not mine). I mis-measured the elastic, and the waist is falling off of me. And there are a few other minor problems. Nothing that could keep me from putting them on, though, and banishing the gray. I’ll work on fixing them up sometime when I’m feeling completely better and have nothing else to do!

Spring in NJ
Today Eamonn has gone back to school, and I, while still not 100%, got myself up and dressed and took him there. Getting out was just something I needed to do for my sanity. Much like the shower and pajama bottoms were. I have to admit to feeling a whole lot more sane today. So much so, that I plan to head back down into the family room later with a garbage bag, a food tray, and a laundry basket, and pick up all of the piles. There are still two sickies inhabiting that room, but I think even they ought to appreciate being able to see the floor again.


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Bright and springy

  1. I love those pants. I’d make a pair for every day…or wear the same ones over and over! The pattern reminds me of something…but I’m not sure what. Something about growing up in the 70s maybe.

    1. Thanks! They’ re just the perky thing I was looking for. I grew up in the 70’s, too, and these look about right for that. The tag says they were from Woolworths, and since Woolworths went out of business before 70’s retro was really in style, I would guess that these are the real deal. The pj’s were made from the fitted sheet, and I still have a matching top sheet that I haven’t cut into yet. I’m thinking it would make a fun summer blouse. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear something that loud though, LOL!

    2. I know what it reminds me of.
      I love them, Lisa. A lot.

      1. Oh, yeah, I think you nailed it, LOL!

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling a lot better Lisa! Those pajamas probably helped a lot… flaws and all they’re still really cute! (I think my friend had sheets like that!)

    1. Yep, they’re definitely more perky than the gray yoga pants I was wearing before that!

  3. […] as humanly possible.  Last year, I emerged on the other side of the early April stomach bug with a loud pair of pajama pants.  Today I postponed my morning routine and dropped $30 at Old Navy, where I bought two t-shirts […]

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