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I Like My Skirts Fast and Cheap, 2.0

Whether you are motivated by frugality, by the desire to live in an eco-friendly way, or by an abundance of fun and funky vintage sheets in your linen closet, this simple tutorial should appeal to you.

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I’m getting that itch again. The same one I had roughly four years ago. If you were here then, you might know what I’m talking about… I feel another sheet swap coming on. What do you think of trading pieces of your pretty vintage sheet finds? And maybe pillowcases, too?  They’re perfect for turning into […]

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Scratching that itch

The sewing machine has been liberated from it’s basement prison, and I am scratching that itch.  What did I choose to make?  Something that wasn’t even on my list… I’m making a nice little pile of skirts in vintage fabrics.  They’re (mostly) not for me, though.  They’re destined for the shop, in fact.  I’ve been […]

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Opportunities lost

I spent a good portion of my day behind the sewing machine.  I made a few more head scarves from Weekend Sewing – those things are just what I need for keeping my long hair out of my face when I’m leaning over a project, or (more importantly) out of my eyes and my mouth […]

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Three sheets to the wind

No, I’m not really drunk. I just wanted to talk about three bags made out of sheets, and the phrase popped right into my head. I’m not above kicking back with a Mike’s Hard Lime later, though, if you prefer for me to represent truth in advertising… These three little piles each contain two fat […]

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