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Jersey Fresh for the Summer

The NJ Department of Agriculture’s website has a comprehensive list of neighborhood markets by county. For the last two summers, I found myself referring to that list frequently to find a convenient market for a last-minute produce run. This season, I realized a visual representation would be more helpful to me, and on the off […]

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My Skinner Blend Quilt

The Skinner Blend, for those of you not familiar with polymer clay techniques, is a popular method for color-mixing, that results in a sheet of clay that has a perfectly smooth gradation from one color to another.  I use Skinner Blends extensively in my cane-making, although by the time I’m done manipulating them, what you […]

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Pillowcase party

I’ve been thrifting.  Did remarkably well, too.  I usually don’t find much, but my luck has gotten better and better since a new thrift store opened up nearby.  This weekend, I found twelve pillowcases, four sheets, and two duvet covers that needed, yes, needed to belong to my fabric stash.  I’m going to have to […]

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Wherein Lisa rambles through a week’s worth of show-and-tells

It all started last week, when I destroyed my new bamboo shirts and was left with nothing new to wear, despite several hours of work and even more hours of daydreaming about how nice those new bamboo shirts would have been to wear all spring and summer. That left me feeling distinctly dissatisfied, naturally, and […]

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More weekend sewing

I made the Weekend Sewing shirt today, using a thrifted sheet.  And I am fairly sure I chose poorly, when it came to size.  It came out entirely too wide, and the sleeves were too long.  Strangely, though, I thought the shirt itself could have used another few inches of length. I was really not […]

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Weekend Sewing

I think the book is aptly-named.  It’s the weekend, and I have been sewing. I had Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross on my wish list, and I really was going to avoid buying it and just wait for my birthday.  But this week I started seeing projects pop up here and there, and well, it […]

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The girliest thing I’ve ever made

In terms of children to make things for, I’m surrounded by boys.  Sons, nephews.  But every once in a while, despite my general disdain for anything too pink or frilly, I get the urge to make something feminine.  Enter crafthope. The brainchild of Jade Sims, Craft Hope is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to […]

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Where old tv cabinets go to die

When we got our new TV a few months ago, we took the opportunity to dispose of the TV cabinet we’d had since before we were married. Actually, Neil had it before we were even dating. So, yes, it had some history, but neither of us ever liked the darn thing. We kept it around […]

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Sewing, claying, and market-going

I’ve been eager for the farmers market season to start around here, but upon checking the Jersey Fresh website, I found that most local markets aren’t starting up for another few weeks at least.  The one I particularly like to go to is starting at the end of the month.  Since I was heading an […]

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Don’t hate me because I’m prolific

Remember those “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” ads? I remembered the phrase, but couldn’t for the life of me remember the product. (It was Pantene. Gotta love google.) It amuses me that advertisements can be so effective at getting into your brain that you’ll remember their taglines twenty years after the fact, but at […]

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