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New pool

Every year we put a kiddie pool on our back patio.  At 11 and 8, the boys are kind of big for such a thing, but it’s still a great way to cool off.  We like to dip our feet in it on hot afternoons, and often the boys will put on their bathing suits […]

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Bowl of cherries

I’m giving dieting a chance again.  Not doing the official Weight Watchers thing, but using what I know of their “points plus” system as a guideline.  Three days in, and so far so good.  It’s been no trouble sticking to my points (which seems odd to me – in the past it’s been quite an […]

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Ocean City

At the risk of winning the “longest time between experiencing the event and blogging about it” award, I thought I’d show you some pictures from our annual Ocean City getaway.  Almost a month ago. We drove down on Friday afternoon, right after school let out, enjoyed a sunny Saturday, a cloudy Sunday, a rainy Monday, […]

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