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Riding the rails

Last weekend we took a train ride.  We missed the first leg of the journey – the train chugged right past us, as we were pulling into the station – but we went up and got our prepaid tickets from the counter anyway, and were told that we could meet up with the train in […]

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He likes his spaghetti blue

At least, that was the verdict when I asked him how we should celebrate his birthday dinner. “Do you want me to make your favorite (plain unadulterated pasta) at home? Or do you want us to take you out somewhere?” I asked. He pondered it over for a quarter of an hour before replying. “Let’s […]

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Saturday in the Park

Actually, it was Friday, but had I called this post “Friday in the Park,” I’d have missed the opportunity to get a catchy 70’s tune stuck in your head.  You’re welcome. So, my kids have been on a real video-making kick for the last few weeks.  It’s probably my fault for lending them my old […]

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