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Picture Color, week three

Another colorful week come and gone…

Color day 17 - The color of light

Day 17 – the color of light (I got lucky – the sun was out for about five minutes that day, and I managed to catch it)

Color day 18 - What's your shade

Day 18 – What’s your shade? (Mine’s “papaya” – this is pretty much the only makeup I wear.  Special occasions call for brown eyeliner, but that’s about it, for me.)

Color day 19 - The color of calm

Day 19 – The color of calm (The idea was to capture a small oasis of calm that exists despite the surrounding chaos – if you saw the part of my bedroom not in the frame, you’d know for sure that I succeeded <grin>)

Color day 20 - Corrugated Color

Day 20 – Corrugated color (another prompt involving textured color)

Color day 21 - Ambient Yellow

Day 21 – Ambient yellow (the color of light at night)

Color day 22 - Inspired by color

Day 22 – Inspired by color (I’m inspired by the reds and aquas that show up in so much of Alicia Paulson’s photography)

Color day 23 - The meaning of color

Day 23 – the meaning of color (aka Going Green by repurposing Green linen)

Color day 24 - A library of color

Day 24 – a library of color (was there really any other choice for this prompt?)

One more week or so of this class – June is on the way out already, if you can believe that.  School just ended today and tonight we are having a celebratory “slumber party”, the four of us, in the family room.  Hooray, summer!!

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Picture Color, week three

  1. I met Maggie Maggio in Portland last month! Her sister is a friend of mine. I had no idea that she was famous until I Googled her. Her home is lovely!

    1. What a great little “small world” moment 🙂 She’s made a nice name for herself in polymer clay circles!

  2. Really lovely. I love the red cherries against the aqua-so retro and fresh at the same time. I’m so with you on the makeup, although you are a glam rocker compared to me. I just don’t see the point of makeup…and I’ve tried.

    My favorite: the textured color with all those blue beads. I thought I had a blue fetish, you have me beat for sure.

    Again, lovely work!

    1. I think I have more of a green fetish than a blue one, but they overlap so often it’s hard to tell 🙂
      I’ve never worn all that much makeup (although I did used to wear more than I do now). I’ve always preferred a natural look!

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