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New pool

New pool

Every year we put a kiddie pool on our back patio.  At 11 and 8, the boys are kind of big for such a thing, but it’s still a great way to cool off.  We like to dip our feet in it on hot afternoons, and often the boys will put on their bathing suits and do their best to get everyone and everything within reach completely drenched.  I’ve even been known to hand them a bottle of shampoo and push them out the door for a backyard bath.  Classy, I know, but it gets the job done!

I usually try to re-use the previous year’s pool where I can, but we’d had the last one for two seasons and it was beyond repair.  So, a new one it was!

New pool

There are many drawbacks to school letting out so late in the month, not the least of which is the dwindling availability of plastic kiddie pools.  We rarely get exactly what we were looking for, when we finally strike out on a pool hunt, and are often stuck doing the best with whatever we can find.

Which, in this case, was teeny tiny.

New pool

Maybe it’s time to consider upgrading to a real pool 😀

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “New pool

  1. Backyard bath…talk about a wonderful memory to come flooding back! You have the fixins’ for a great summer!!

    1. Oh, yeah! I mean, really, what else do you need but a bucket of water and a brother to throw it at? 🙂

  2. Hilarious! If nothing else, it’s totally a great photo:)

    1. Heh, yeah, I love it – it’s my new desktop background 🙂

  3. Great story, wonderfully illustrated. The thought of shampooing outdoors reminded me of the solar shower my dad rigged up in our yard when I was a little girl.

    1. Thank you, Rachael. What great fun a solar shower sounds like!

  4. Last year we had a teenie weenie pool and the kids used it to float in the bigger pool!

    1. Ha! I love it.

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