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Bowl of cherries

365 day 173 - Farmer's market.  Mmmmm.

I’m giving dieting a chance again.  Not doing the official Weight Watchers thing, but using what I know of their “points plus” system as a guideline.  Three days in, and so far so good.  It’s been no trouble sticking to my points (which seems odd to me – in the past it’s been quite an effort) and I’ve already lost a few pounds.

I love that first week of a diet, where you see an encouraging little bit of weight slide effortlessly off.  I’m not very good at riding that momentum into subsequent weeks, but I’m giving it a very serious try this time.

I visited my first farmers market of the season yesterday.  Bought some cherries.  Good news – cherries are “free” on the points system. Yay!

Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Bowl of cherries

  1. Way to go! The first step is starting, right? I just recently decided that is was time for me to lose the weight and so far so good. Not sure if you follow La Maison Boheme, but she started a weight loss blog and I decided to follow suit. It’s been a really good motivational tool for me to stick with it! Good luck to you, I know YOU CAN DO IT!

    1. I’m finding I like having a new app to play with (WW Points Diary for Android by MD2), and that’s keeping me into it so far 🙂 I don’t think I could manage to blog about it regularly – more power to you!

      Good luck to you, too, and keep up the good work!!

  2. Good luck, not that you are not perfect the way you are!

    1. Oh, pshaw 🙂 Thanks!

  3. With an attitude like your, you can do anything! Can’t wait to hear that you’ve reach your goal.

    1. And I can’t wait until I can actually tell you that I’ve reached my goal 😉

  4. Go girl! I really need to get back on track. Heck, maybe just paying attention to what goes in would be a good start. :-/

    Good luck!!

    1. Thanks! Actually, paying attention to what goes in is really key for me. I am such a mindless eater… Gets me in such trouble, poundage-wise!

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