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I left my heart at O Bagel

It’s been a few weeks since my top two wisdom teeth were oh, so gently coaxed out of my mouth (I use the term “gently” oh, so sarcastically…) and today marked my first trip to my favorite bagel shop since then.  I wasn’t able to eat anything but soft foods after my oral surgery, and so I’ve been working my way steadily up from pudding-for-dinner to super-chewy-bagel.

I’m sure I could have handled a bagel before today, but my schedule has been too packed to allow me to slip away for a bite until now. (Schedule is still packed, but a girl has to eat, darnit!)

I wonder if they missed me?

nom nom nom



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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “I left my heart at O Bagel

  1. I have had my wisdom teeth removed twice! once when I was 12 and when I was 22. Either times it was painful. Now because I wore braces I am losing the last 5 teeth in my mouth. I realize that it is for the better. My teeth have rotted because of the braces that I wore, when I was 12. Thet had bands that went around the tooth. So I am hoping this will be a little less painful. It will be a while before I am able to eat regular food again.

    1. Oh, ouch! I had braces, too, but they didn’t have any bad effects on my teeth. I’ve been lucky to have quite strong, good teeth – not a single cavity until I was well into my thirties. Good luck with your dental work.

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