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And hilarity ensued

What do you get when you take a hot day, an open kitchen window by the sink, and a couple of empty bowls?  (Click the image below to find out…)

You know, when I heard all of this going on from inside the house, I thought it would be fun to get in on the act.  I went to the upstairs bathroom and chucked a cup of water out the open window.  Unfortunately, it splashed back at me, got me soaking wet, and not a drop landed on the boys.  When I went downstairs to see why Neil was having such better luck, I realized he’d taken the screen out of the window.

Well, yes, that makes more sense 😀

It was about then that I decided I was better suited to documenting the situation than I was to participating in it… and that’s how this video came to be.  <grin>

3 more days until school is over.  Can. not. wait.

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