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They’ve been spending the last few days staring deep into screens.  These particular screens are from their grandparents.  There have been other screens too, these few days since Christmas.  And while I would normally feel the urge to limit the time spent  playing with such devices, I’m letting it go. After all, it’s Christmas. What is […]

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We’re not really one of those families who has the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, we’re often lucky to have our act together in that department by Christmas Eve. True to form, this year I’ve been slow to get the house cleaned up, preferring to focus instead on closing up the shops […]

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I look forward to this day every year: the day after I close down the shop(s) for the season.  It’s a day to take a deep breath, relax, and then jump headlong into the Christmas preparations I’ve been neglecting all month! I’ll be making my gift-giving list later today, and getting myself all organized – […]

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For your gift-giving pleasure…

Last week nearly kicked my butt. I was minding my own business, working on your custom claythings (crochet hooks, pens, and shawl pins, if you remember), when we had a bit of a medical mystery unfold with my older son. I’ll spare you most of the details.  Suffice it to say, there was a call […]

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Quick Knits for the Menfolk, part two

I seem to be going in reverse age order with these.  Today’s quick knit is another hat, this time for Aidan.  Aidan is nearly 12, a sixth grader, and he is of the opinion that when it comes to hats, “simpler is better.” So, no cables for this one.  Just simple ribbing on the brim, […]

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Quick Knits for the Menfolk, part one

Somebody needed a new hat.  Two somebodies, in fact, but this post is about the smaller somebody, in particular.  The hat I made him three years ago was starting to feel a little snug and look a little crummy.  Pilling and such. He picked out the yarn, and I picked out a pattern that would […]

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The tale of the imperfect glove

I am not a perfectionist about most things, knitting included.  I tend to think that any errors in the fabric are far more visible to me than they would be to the casual observer, and as such, I often let little imperfections slide.  These Trenza Mitts, though, crossed the line from “little imperfections” into “glaring mistakes” […]

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