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Picture Color, week two-ish

Another colorful week come and gone.  I’m enjoying this class – I always think color is fun (do you remember the color challenges we used to do around here?)

So here’s the latest.  Hard to believe June is more than half over already!

Color day 9 - The texture of color

Day 9 – the texture of color (I never noticed all of those little dots before! I have to give Neil credit for suggesting my flip-flops, when I was wandering around the yard looking for intriguing textures)

Color day 10 - Creating with color

Day 10 – Creating with color (just one set of colorful tools from my many colorful hobbies)

Color day 11 - The best of both worlds

Day 11 – The best of both worlds (a study in red + pink)

Color day 12 - Seeing spots

Day 12 – Seeing spots (the second photo this week featuring polka dots – this has been my kind of week <grin>)

Color day 13 - Ordinary colors

Day 13 – Ordinary colors (aka, the colors you see every day, but don’t give a whole lot of thought to)

Color day 14 - Making a statement

Day 14 – Making a statement (I tend to surround myself with yellowish greens and greenish blues – or is that greenish yellows and bluish greens?)

Color day 15 - Playful pause

Day 15 – Playful pause (my latest addiction.  who has time to read anymore? flicking birds at pigs is far more entertaining…)

Color day 16 - Nothing but blue skies

Day 16 – Nothing but blue skies (a study in blue – I just happened to be wearing a shirt of a lovely garment-dyed blue – the latest acquisition in my Life Is Good collection).

Today is Thursday.  I keep thinking it’s Friday.  Thursday, Thursday, Thursday – must drill that into my head!!

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2 thoughts on “Picture Color, week two-ish

  1. I love your color inspiration photos Lisa! Isn’t it surprising, just how much we are surrounded by cool colors and textures, if we just stop a moment and take a look! Those flip-flops are the perfect example of that. Good eye Neil!

    1. I think by design, those of us who are drawn to polymer clay are also good observers of color. Or, at the very least, we appreciate the colorful!

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