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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend.  For so many families in this area, it’s a time to hop in the car and spend a few glorious days at the Jersey shore.  For us, though, it’s always a relaxing weekend at home; a chance to anticipate summer and revel in some of the simple pleasures of life. Yesterday morning, […]

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Mutant Caterpillar Descends on Clarke Home

Occupants of the house have been quarantined, pending EPA investigation. Ok, not really.  But isn’t he funky-looking?  Like something that might have emerged from a nuclear waste pond?  I checked, and I think he may be an Orgyia Caterpillar, but don’t quote me on that. Whatever he is, he seems to like it here. […]

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This is my Jersey Shore

Forget what you’ve seen on MTV.  This is the Jersey Shore, “Ocean City in May” style. In other words: cloudy, breezy, reading a book on the blanket, a bit chilly, quiet beach, peaceful, dipping a toe in the ocean, family-friendly, shopping, postponing bedtime to take in the boardwalk lights, ice cream, no crowds, wishing we […]

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Speaking of playing with cameras

I got an early birthday present this week!   Isn’t it pretty? First thing I did (aside from take a boatload of pictures) was rip apart the Canon-branded strap it came with and replace it with a new one.  I made this patchwork strap from scraps that were leftover when I made my beach blanket last […]

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Camera play

Over the last few years – ever since I began blogging regularly, really – I’ve been working on improving my photography skills, both in the taking of the pictures, and the processing of them later. On the one hand, I think that you should be able to get a fantastic shot straight out of the […]

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Rechargeable batteries

Sometimes all of the little Things to Do of my day align in a perfect way, and culminate in a special pocket of Me Time: an hour or so to be away from home, enjoying a favorite drink, flipping through a pile of books and magazines, daydreaming a bit… And on rare occasions, I even […]

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