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Speaking of playing with cameras


I got an early birthday present this week!   Isn’t it pretty?

First thing I did (aside from take a boatload of pictures) was rip apart the Canon-branded strap it came with and replace it with a new one.  I made this patchwork strap from scraps that were leftover when I made my beach blanket last year.  (I have a feeling I will still be using those leftover strips five years from now…)


I rushed through the construction of this strap, so it definitely has its flaws, but I still really like it.  I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I started seeing them pop up around the blogosphere a few years ago.  (I don’t remember where I first saw them, but I do know that Erin makes and sells really lovely ones from time to time, if you’re in the market!)

We had some promising news employment-wise for Neil this week, which led us to discuss my camera situation a little further.  I pledged to kick in any money I’d managed to save in the last two months, along with any birthday money that might come my way this week, and Neil went ahead and ordered it.  I’m so excited to play with it this weekend!


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Speaking of playing with cameras

  1. Yahoo! Congratulations. Nothing better than a new fancy camera. Happy Birthday.
    .-= See Carrie G’s latest blog post: Hair Boom =-.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been eying that camera since mine broke a few months ago and I’m so excited to be able to get it! I see lots of picture taking in my immediate future 🙂

  2. Have fun with your new toy!
    .-= See beki’s latest blog post: process =-.

    1. I definitely will, thanks 🙂

  3. we have the same camera! But I think your photo skills are much better than mine 🙂 Plus you have a prettier strap haha. We haven’t used that lens thing – do you find that it helps?
    .-= See Jen Lange’s latest blog post: Guitars and Dancing =-.

    1. Honestly, I haven’t used it either. I just thought it made for a good picture 😀 I know theoretically how it should be used, but I never really recognize the situation when it presents itself. It’s one of the many features I will figure out eventually!

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