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Rechargeable batteries

Sometimes all of the little Things to Do of my day align in a perfect way, and culminate in a special pocket of Me Time: an hour or so to be away from home, enjoying a favorite drink, flipping through a pile of books and magazines, daydreaming a bit… And on rare occasions, I even […]

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Business and pleasure

It’s a beautiful Sunday.  I nearly succumbed to the temptation to have my breakfast out on the patio, but I decided it’s still a tiny bit too cold for that.  Instead I sat in my favorite living room chair, as always, and I opened the window next to it.  Best of both worlds, I think. […]

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The latest issue of Artful Blogging arrived today, and as I flipped through the pages, looking at all of the gorgeous photography, and reading some of the bloggers’ stories, I got to thinking about my own blogging experience, and what I would write about if given the opportunity. When I posted my introduction in September […]

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