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A blow to the spiders

Christmas came this year and dealt a heavy blow to the spider population in my house.  You see, I have somewhat of a live-and-let-live policy when it comes to tiny critters, especially if they look relatively harmless, and the teeny tiny spiders that I sometimes see among the plants in the front window have never […]

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Picture the Holidays, slacker style

So… how is everyone?  All recovered?  Did you have a lovely holiday?  Part One of mine was fantastic!  Part Two, unfortunately, is currently being preempted by a blizzard, but we’ll get it all figured out later in the week I suppose. Last week was a whirlwind of activity on my part, and I was so […]

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Tie one on for Christmas

Ho ho ho! Can I interest you in a splash of Peppermint Schnapps? No?? Have you ever tried this stuff? It’s like a liquid candy cane with a kick.  Christmas in a bottle. Hmmm.  I get the sense that you are actually here to “tie one on” in the apronish sense of the phrase, and […]

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Picture the Holidays, week three

I closed all of my various shops tonight (all except the download shop) and now I am free to shift gears.  I’m leaving behind business and jumping head first into holiday preparations.  I’m always so excited for this day.  It feels good to let go of a little responsibility for a while and just focus […]

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Photo Gift Tags: DIY or Download

(Told you I’d get more mileage out of these Christmas balls yet…)  Ok, so I’ve been super busy this week, but I have a bit of a breather today, and as luck would have it, serendipity gave me something seasonally-appropriate to blog about: gift tags! See, I ordered this snazzy gift tag punch online last […]

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Picture the Holidays, week two

Thank you for your nice comments on my yarn bag this week.  I’m sorry I haven’t had the time to respond individually – I’ve been making checklists lately and actually crossing things off of them, believe it or not.  Accomplishing things is great for home and business, but not so great for social networking fun!  […]

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Upcycled Bag o’ Yarn

You may remember last year, when I bought the book  2-at-a-Time Socks and taught myself the method.  I actually still haven’t made a pair of socks.  I just wanted to know how to make two of anything at once, because goodness knows if I hadn’t, there would be an awful lot of mate-less wrist warmers […]

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WIP Weekends?

So I had this great idea to start a “Work-in-Progress Weekends” feature, which would feature glimpses into the projects I was currently working on, and would invite you to share in kind. But before I knew it, it was already Monday and I hadn’t made a fancy little blog button to represent the series.  And […]

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