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Rechargeable batteries

Night out

Sometimes all of the little Things to Do of my day align in a perfect way, and culminate in a special pocket of Me Time: an hour or so to be away from home, enjoying a favorite drink, flipping through a pile of books and magazines, daydreaming a bit…

And on rare occasions, I even manage to leave the store without liberating any of the reading material.

Tonight was one such night.  I am poorer the cost of an overpriced cup of coffee (ok, two cups), but I am richer in inspiring ideas (and book titles for my wish list).  An acceptable trade, for sure.Night out

In my reading pile?

Now that I’m home, I’m finishing up the small decaf I got to-go, sitting by an open window, and enjoying a little k.d. lang – I hope your weekend is bringing you equally pleasant moments!

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