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Fun with chalk and fabric scraps

It wasn’t brutally humid today, so we spent some time outside the afternoon, dipping our feet in the pool, playing with chalk, sharing a snack mix. Neil used the chalk to write you all a warning, which I rather hope you do not heed. (Aside: did you know that you can hover your mouse over […]

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Swamp folk

Sometimes it’s handy living in such close proximity to a wildlife refuge. Lately it’s been our go-to place when we’re needing a change of scenery. Today, after listening to an hour of one child micromanaging the other’s every move, and after trying unsuccessfully to get him to see that he’d be a much happier boy […]

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Sneak peek

You might be wondering where I scuttled off to after asking for your opinions. I really appreciate those opinions by the way! Despite the fact that the poll isn’t working (guess I should have tested that) I still got a nice amount of helpful feedback. What, in particular, have I learned over the last few […]

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More percolating

As long as I’m asking questions, how about this one? I could use some opinions regarding my personal website’s background. (Click on the images to see how they each look in actual size) [poll=3] Thanks so much for your input! I know what I like, but I could use some objective opinions, especially from people […]

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A lily from my mother’s yard. Isn’t it pretty? I think so. It’s got nothing to do with this post. I have ideas. A head full of them, in fact, and I’m contemplating something right now that requires me to summarize this blog in just a word (or two or three). I think I’m too […]

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Wineberry Crisp

The lure of the Jersey Fresh fruit was just too strong to let me be lazy for very long today. It compelled me to clear off the kitchen counters, unload the dishwasher, re-load it (thereby freeing up some sink space), clean off the table, and give everything a good wipe down. Once that was done, […]

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