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A lily from my mother’s yard. Isn’t it pretty? I think so. It’s got nothing to do with this post.

I have ideas. A head full of them, in fact, and I’m contemplating something right now that requires me to summarize this blog in just a word (or two or three). I think I’m too close to it to see what it’s really about, so I thought maybe you, the people who read what I write on an almost-daily basis, could just leave a comment and tell me how you would categorize, summarize or captionize this blog in as few words as possible.

There might even be a little prize for anyone whose comment really captures it perfectly, or inspires me to come up with something myself. Maybe 🙂

Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Percolating

  1. whoa….in few words? Well for me it is inspiring, motivating, smile worthy, and feeds my inner voyeur as I watch you live daily life. I like the fact that it is not focused on just one art, but is a multi-functional, mixed media whirlwind.

  2. How about Homemade/Handmade Creations!

  3. I would say life, love and joy.

  4. I would say “postcards from the land of artful living.”

  5. I think of “down-to-earth creativity”….

  6. real, live, motherhood. I would also add, one of my very favorite blogs.

  7. I can’t quite come up with anything but something with crafting, cooking and joy! That pic of the flower is amazing! I love that you can see the pollen or whatever it is. I seem to remember that you got a new camera but don’t remember what kind. I need one that does close-ups like that! Or maybe it’s the operator????

  8. Good morning Miss Lisa,
    I’m delurking here to put in my two cents. But first let me say, I visit your blog daily. When I only have time to read one blog, it’s yours. The reason? I find your blog creative, current, and real. I enjoy the little peek you give us, your readers into your home and life. You inspire me to continue crafting and strive to go one step further.
    keep it real Jersy Girl,

    fan in the deep south.

  9. I would say your blog is inspirational and challenging – it certainly challenges me to do more with my life

  10. how about “fruitful craftiness”? 🙂

  11. Art, family, musings, and occasional glimpses of Boring Office Guy.

    Or, if you’re looking for something more copywritten: “What happens when art meets family in an explosion of fabric and polymer clay.”

  12. […] best thinking. I came up with a few ideas all on my own, which pretty much negated the need for a blog synopsis or a background […]

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