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Snow day!

It may surprise you to hear that I don’t have a history of doing crafty projects with my kids all of the time.  My kids are plenty creative, but they’ve always preferred to do their making on their own terms.  They’re not much for planned projects.  That’s why, when I said, “hey, do you guys […]

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I’m not always on the ball teacher-gift-wise, but this year, I managed to get it done with a little help from the kids.  Erin’s coffee cup cozy tutorial is something I’ve been eyeing since she posted it last year, and I finally decided to try it, when I realized that it’s a perfect project for […]

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Five days

We’ve been on our own, the boys and I, since Thursday, when Neil left for the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal.  We have separations like this from time to time, but this has been the longest one.  Even though we got to see him every day via Skype, we’re pretty much ready to have […]

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Can you show me how to do that?

“Mom, can you show me how to do that?” he asks, looking at my fingerless gloves in progress on the loom. “Sure!  Would you like to make yourself a hat?”  He nods excitedly, and scurries off to choose his yarn. We cast on. And he, in usual Eamonn fashion, allows himself to be distracted by […]

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Unique batik

Sarah forwarded a link to me this morning for a Martha Stewart “Easy Batik” project. I’ve always really loved the look of batik, but have never considered trying it myself – entirely too complicated. But Martha’s project looked very very simple. The only thing I found wrong with it was the fact that it didn’t […]

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I never showed you this fabric that arrived a few weeks ago. I got a fantastic deal on the three colors of jersey and the Irish linen on the bottom. $2/yard or less, if I remember correctly. It made the $16/yard price tag on the top fabric much easier to swallow. That top fabric is […]

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Polymer clay at the library

So, I guess you’re wondering where I wandered off to, eh? Well, it’s been such a crazy busy week here, and much of what I’ve been doing has been un-photograph-worthy, and frankly, really boring to talk about. One noteworthy thing I did do, was teach a class at the local library on Thursday evening. And […]

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