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I can see surfaces again

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see all of these clear surfaces in my bedroom.

Neil left Thursday morning for Readercon, and I’ve been on my own ever since. Somehow I have managed to pass the time… I have been pretty busy, in fact, and I just spent half an hour writing about it, only to realize it read like a really boring diary. “First we did this, then we did that, then we went here, blah blah blah.” So I deleted that.

More improvement

Why don’t we just say that there was a day of business, a day of visiting, a day of cleaning, a evening of movie-watching, and then today?

One Object 365 Days: 202/365 07/20/08

Today, which has yet to be defined, even at Noon? I am enjoying the fact that there is once again a spot on my desk for my coffee cup. And my feet. I’ve got all of the windows in my room open, despite the 87-degree day out there, and I’m actually getting a pleasant cross breeze. As long as that continues, I can avoid the A/C.


Neil will be home later today sometime, and before then I will probably dump the icky green sludge out of the kiddie pool and refill it with nice crystal clear water. I feel like a relaxing Sunday afternoon by the pool is in order after the busy few days I’ve had.

Jersey Fresh Peach

Actually, I’m in the midst of the eternal struggle between Mind and Body over here. Mind says, “let’s make a summer fruit crisp before the peaches we bought for it are over the hill!” Body says, “that would be great, but we just can’t do it until we clean up the kitchen, and cleaning up the kitchen puts a real crimp in our plans to lay around and do nothing all day.” Mind ponders that thought and replies, “Still… I imagine it would be really nice for Neil to come home after a long day on the road, to find the kitchen clean and a delicious baked treat waiting for him.”

Darn it. Body can’t argue with that, but she really hates it when domesticity wins out over laziness!

If Mind manages to prod Body into action, you’ll want to check this space later for images of plump, juicy berries, photos of delicious purple fillings oozing out from under a tantalizingly crispy coating, and maybe even a recipe. But that’s a big IF 😀

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  1. Woooooaaaah, kiddie pool! It’s nice to have a day of cleaning… well, at least it’s nice to have a day *after* a day of cleaning. It’s so refreshing to have unclutter for a spell (usually at my house, that spell is just about a day, but still)

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