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Weekend Favorites

As I write, it’s Thursday afternoon and Aidan has been home helping me work. One of the jobs I gave him was that of seeking out Sulia links for the day. He found some neat stuff, so if you’re interested in the intersection of craftiness and geekitude, you’ll want to check those out below.

Aidan has been a big help until now, sanding hooks, unloading the dishwasher, stuff like that. Now we are reaching that end-of-the-day punchy phase, and the boy will. not. stop. talking. I will have to keep this brief, as I really cannot concentrate one iota.

All in all, it’s been nice to have company today, and it’s been a productive day to boot. I will have a lot of little goodies shipping out tomorrow – yay!

On Flickr

The mosaic below represents other people’s pictures that spoke to me this week. Be sure to click on the titles below the mosaic, if you want to know more about the image or the photographer behind it.

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1. 和芳安一起看見的小故事, 2. Chicken fingerless gloves, 3. In the pink, 4. Untitled, 5. Yes…, 6. Briken Ring Mini Quilt Full View, 7. Untitled, 8. Make-up purses, 9. Untitled

On Sulia

I spend an hour or so every morning, Monday through Thursday, sharing my favorite crafty links on Sulia. And then I repeat them here on Fridays.

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Polymer Clay


Other materials

Crafty business

Aidan’s finds

That will do it for me this week. Now I think it’s time to show Aidan one of the perks of working from home (one in which I rarely indulge, but really should experience more often): the afternoon nap. Zzzzzzzzz.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. I always love your weekly round-up, Lisa. Do you or your guys follow the Instructables website? Here is a link for cooking your own marshmallow treats (plus how to make the cutter) which Aidan may find interesting:

    *Aidan, I checked all your links and they are AWESOME!!

    1. We definitely have to check out those creepers – thanks!
      As for the owl cane, it works for me. Not sure what’s up, but here’s the direct link. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Lisa, I couldn’t link to the owl cane (the flickr link isn’t working).

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