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Friday Photo Love + a new Freebie idea

I usually like to get this Friday post done bright and early, but I have to admit, I completely forgot about it until I woke up this morning, and then there was the usual business of making lunch and ferrying children to deal with.  You know how it is!  So, here is this week’s Friday […]

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I hope you haven’t been too anxious for the next Morning Coffee reader interview.  I do have one more to post, but I didn’t do it last week because of Labor Day, and I didn’t do it today because I spent my whole weekend otherwise occupied with family stuff, followed by nerdy stuff.  Next week, […]

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I followed-through on my idea to spend some quiet time in the swamp by myself yesterday. If you have the chance to spend an hour by yourself, seeking out beauty and listening to the lush sounds of nature do it.  I was there for just under an hour.  My only regret is that I didn’t […]

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Friday Photo Love

You can tell how much time I’ve had for play by how many photos I’ve had a chance to notice: Only six? Yeah.  Kind of busy this week.  I spent Thursday so tightly wound, I thought I might snap.  This summer-to-fall transition is really just as hard for me as it is for the kids, […]

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Back to School Book Week + Friday Photo Love

Since today’s theme for Back to School Book Week is an “anything goes” kind of theme, and since the book I chose to talk about is photography-related, I thought it would be handy to just combine the two related topics into one post. So here are my favorite flickr photos for the week: You can […]

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Friday Photo Love. and gadgets.

I’m feeling like some kind of addict for the last week or so – I can’t get enough of widgets and gadgets and refreshing my pages… it’s getting out of hand.  So, I’m just going to show you my favorite photos for the week, point you to a few of the widgetey things you might […]

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Ocean Grove, redeemed

Just popping in really quickly tonight.  I’ve been down on Ocean Grove lately, not because it’s not a wonderful place (oh, it is!) but because I haven’t had a lot of luck with taking pictures there.  I’m happy to report, there were no such problems on our most recent day trip.  It was smooth sailing.  […]

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Friday Photo Love

Good Morning! Almost afternoon here… I’ve spent the morning working on some photos I took yesterday at the beach. I’ve had some frustrations in the process, though, it’s taken too much time, and I’m eager to get out of my pj’s and into the shower already! So, here’s today’s quick Photo Love post. I’m leaving […]

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Activity, conflictedness, and a grand opening

Image transfers. Oh! how I love the look of them, when they work. My track record with this technique is less than spectacular, and it has me considering showcasing my photographs in resin instead of clay. Conflicted thoughts abound!

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