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Post cards from Branch Brook Park

Is there anything more wonderful than that first string of seventy-degree days in the spring? Everything is more beautiful suddenly: the sun, the clouds, the lovely chartreuse of new leaves…  even the rain feels more optimistic. It’s warm enough at night to leave a bedroom window slightly open, and to shed the heavy Winter blanket […]

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I hope you haven’t been too anxious for the next Morning Coffee reader interview.  I do have one more to post, but I didn’t do it last week because of Labor Day, and I didn’t do it today because I spent my whole weekend otherwise occupied with family stuff, followed by nerdy stuff.  Next week, […]

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The latest issue of Artful Blogging arrived today, and as I flipped through the pages, looking at all of the gorgeous photography, and reading some of the bloggers’ stories, I got to thinking about my own blogging experience, and what I would write about if given the opportunity. When I posted my introduction in September […]

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