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Friday Photo Love. and gadgets.

I’m feeling like some kind of addict for the last week or so – I can’t get enough of widgets and gadgets and refreshing my pages… it’s getting out of hand.  So, I’m just going to show you my favorite photos for the week, point you to a few of the widgetey things you might […]

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Friends, fans and flus.

So I’m pretty sure what we’ve all been socked with is the flu.  Crossing my fingers all will be normal by Monday… We had a 65-degree day today, which is always welcome when the winter has been as bitterly cold as this winter has, but it’s even more exciting when you’ve spent the previous several […]

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An end to the (almost) silence

Whew.  Glad that‘s over.  Interesting as it was to try and take reasonably compelling photos of everyday tasks and let them speak for themselves here, I do prefer being able to sit down for a while in the evenings with my thoughts and share a bit.  And that includes words.  Often many of them. So, […]

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Baking, Feasting, and Re-Thinking

Before I forget again, let me get this out of the way: If you are a Facebook user, and a fan of Polka Dot Creations, Polka Dot Radio, or both, you can visit their pages there and declare yourself to be a fan: Polka Dot Creations Polka Dot Radio Oh, and feel free to befriend […]

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