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Weekend by the sea

Warning: photo-heavy post ahead 😉 The first week of April is always eventful around here.  Neil and I chose April 1st to get married sixteen years ago, because April was an uneventful month in our family – no other anniversaries or birthdays nearby to contend with.  Well wouldn’t you know it, eight years later we […]

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I hope you haven’t been too anxious for the next Morning Coffee reader interview.  I do have one more to post, but I didn’t do it last week because of Labor Day, and I didn’t do it today because I spent my whole weekend otherwise occupied with family stuff, followed by nerdy stuff.  Next week, […]

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Incoherent ramblings of a caffeinated mind

Neil says in the 14 years we’ve been married, that I’ve gotten weirder.  The term “flickr freak” was bandied about.  As you can see, my finger is on the camera trigger.  I should point out that I wasn’t insulted by that comment, and that Neil is not exactly the most normal person I’ve ever met […]

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