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Picture Fall

I’m doing something a little different for Friday Photo Love this week.  And maybe for the rest of October.  I enjoyed Picture Summer so much last July, that I wasted no time in signing up for Picture Fall.  It starts today, although signups are still open for another few days, if you want to take the class, too.


Today’s “Quintessential Fall” assignment involves photographing a leaf.  The rain is still falling, so every leaf I see is a wet leaf.  Good thing I like the look of water droplets on fallen leaves!

I highly recommend Picture Fall, if you want to challenge yourself a little bit, and maybe learn some more about your camera at the same time.  It’s not a “how to” class, so you’re not going to be taught the mechanics of your camera so much as you are going to be inspired by the prompts to experiment and see for yourself what your camera (and your photo editing software, for that matter) can do.

And you don’t need a fancy DSLR.  I don’t have one, and I do just fine 🙂

P.S. I’ve only got 20 days left in my current 365 project.  I definitely want to start another one when it’s over (although I may wait for January 1st this time) – any ideas for a good theme?


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Picture Fall

  1. bummer that it isn’t a free class as I would love to challenge myself with fall images….which usually include palm trees here in Ca. I look forward to seeing your images Lisa.

    1. Yeah, having to pay for it almost put me off too, but I ultimately decided $1/day was worth it for me. I can imagine capturing fall in California could be a challenge! There’s no shortage of turning leaves in NJ in October, though, so that aspect won’t be so tricky for me.

  2. I signed up Lisa! Off to find some leaves.

    1. Oh, cool, I think this is right up your alley!

  3. Love the photo. I’ve actually just started on Project Spring :-). I also paid for Summer and Fall… just need to wait for 6 months for the right season to come around in Australia :-).


    1. It must be hard to wait so long to participate – don’t you miss out on all of the community of it? Or are there others in your hemisphere doing it too?

  4. Oh fun! I love challenges like that. Some of the most beautiful photography can come up when you get a push in the tush. Best of luck– looks like you’re well on your way, Lisa. The leaf image is great!

    1. Thanks – I think October is one of the most beautiful months in the year, so it should be fun finding new ways to capture it!

  5. Lisa—I’ve been saving this one for exactly the right space to totally lose myself in the enjoyment of your year. I thank you for inviting me in.

    I’ve returned to my home after my year in Patagonia and am having a difficult time being inspired by my ordinary, everyday life. Your photos are what inspired me to want to do 365 while away and i am hoping that they will again inspire me to find the delight that I had expected yet still am finding elusive upon my return.

    best regards,


    1. I’m flattered 🙂
      You know, there’s a lot of beauty in everyday things. My most recent favorite picture is from the cheese aisle in the supermarket – and food shopping is one of my most dreaded tasks! If beauty can be found in the midst of drudgery, it can be found anywhere 🙂

      Maybe try getting up really close to objects in your house or your yard. That’s what I’m doing for this year’s 365. It’s surprising how attractive some ordinary things can be, when you get all up in their faces, so to speak!

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