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Join Polka Dot Cottage Be Merry (#pdcbemerry) on Instagram!

pdcbemerry on Instagram

I would like to do a daily Instagram challenge for the month of December. Who’s with me?

Here’s the idea:

For every day in December, post one Instagram photo of something “merry” you have done that day. The idea is to spend a moment appreciating the little things, and carving out some holiday merriment just for yourself.

We all have so many responsibilities, and this time of year can be so stressful. So consider this your opportunity to take some “me time” and do something enjoyable for yourself.

Some ideas, big and small

I could go on forever with this, but I won’t 🙂

I’m doing this for myself because this is the first holiday season in 17 years that I won’t be home during the daytime. I don’t want to let work overshadow my enjoyment of the Christmas season, and so I’m going to make a conscious effort to do something festive (no matter how small) every day.

How to Participate

I hope you will join me! Use the hashtag #pdcbemerry (short for “polka dot cottage be merry”) so that we may form a little community of merrymaking! I’ll be keeping an eye on the hashtag all month, so I can see what you’re all up to. It will be fun!

Don’t think you can do every day? It’s ok! No pressure. Just participate at your own pace and your own level.

If you want to make sure you get a reminder again before December 1st, follow me on Instagram. If you really want to make sure you don’t miss a reminder, you can subscribe to notifications for my new posts.

See you on Instagram on December 1st!


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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Join Polka Dot Cottage Be Merry (#pdcbemerry) on Instagram!

  1. I like this idea! I think I will join you in posting something “merry”. May not all be Christmas themed but it will be something that makes me “merry”.

    1. Sure! There’s all kinds of merriment 😊

  2. […] My Be Merry project continues, with some days being more merry than others, but with every day having at least one small opportunity for merrymaking. It’s not too late to join me. There are no rules! […]

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