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I spaced-out on the Kids Clothes Week Challenge until today (Ever just want to sit next to an open window with a good book and a refreshing drink?  Yes?  Well then, you have the gist of how my week has felt. Forget dragging the sewing machine back up from the basement, I’ll just sit here and read, thankyouverymuch!)

So, I’ve been collecting bandanas for the last few years, intending to replenish the boys’ supply of summer play pants, but never getting around to it.  Today was the day I finally dug in.  I have to say, if I had remembered just how quick and easy these things were, I’d never have put off the task for so long.  I made five pairs (two for each boy, and one extra wonky pair that either one of them can wear if they are desperate) in about ninety minutes.


Eamonn would live in bandana pants year round if I let him.  He’s all about comfort, and to him very little is more comfortable than a couple of bandanas held together with some stretchy elastic.  He likes them without a tag in the back, because then he doesn’t have to worry about what direction he puts them on.  I’m surprised he hasn’t requested a reversible pair so that he doesn’t have to worry about whether or not they are inside-out.  (Did I say he is all about comfort?  Maybe I should have included a healthy dose of laziness in that equation…)


So the kids’ closet contains bandana pants in a rainbow of boy-friendly colors, but even so, one bandana pretty much looks like another bandana, and no matter how many different colors you have, it’s like wearing the same pants all. summer. long.  The boys probably couldn’t care less about that, but it bores me to tears.  That’s why I am always happy to find bandanas that don’t look like bandanas.  Like the flag pants I made a few years ago, or these camouflage ones.


Eamonn put these on immediately when I showed them to him.  I’m so glad he likes them.  By the way, I take no responsibility for this child’s amusing fashion sense.  This is just one of many quirky combinations we are treated to around here on weekends…

In case you are thinking of whipping up a pair of these for the kid(s) in your life, check out Stefani’s tutorial.  You need two matching bandanas per pair of shorts, and the tutorial suggests that they will fit ages 4-10.  I’ve been making these since 2008 when my youngest was 5.  Now my oldest is 11, and they have worked nicely for all of those ages.  Aidan is a very skinny 11, though – both boys have the same waist size, in fact, so they can share all of the pants, including some that we still have from that first year!

If only my own shorts wardrobe were so easy…

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4 thoughts on “Bandanalicious

  1. I love ’em too and had made the same camouflage pair for my son. And a dress that kinda didn’t work out for my daughter. Maybe as a skirt it will.

    1. I bet a skirt would work! And it would be a lot easier to do, too. Not that this kind of shorts is all that hard…

  2. I love the fact that he did choose to wear this. My daughter when she was this age also began to expermet with her clothing. I am big on recycling thrifted clothing, and I do adore these pants. Where do you live? Looks like Oregon.

    1. New Jersey, actually.
      Yes, he’s always made interesting fashion choices – very entertaining 🙂

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