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Taggity tag

Self Portrait ThursdayI completely forgot about this – I have been tagged several times in the last few months. Most recently it was the lovely & talented Cat, but I’ve also been singled out by Connie, Iris, Jeanne, Holly, and Lunes, all of whom are no less lovely nor talented than Cat 😉

Hard to believe a year ago, I was blog surfing, watching everybody get tagged, and wondering if anyone would ever notice little old me. Well, I did get tagged back in September, but holy crow, I’m getting completely bombarded now! Bombarded in a good nice-to-be-remembered kind of way, I mean.

I am pretty sure I can come up with another handful of random facts about myself, and then this will probably be the last time I do this meme. I mean, really, how much could there be that’s left, after everything I share here on a regular basis anyway, right? Heh. Ok, here we go.

  1. I apparently have a pattern of drinking while reading Artful Blogging. I discovered quite by accident this morning, that both times I have mentioned that magazine here or on Twitter, I have also mentioned the alcoholic beverage I’d be enjoying along with it. Interestingly enough, those two times are probably the only times I’ve been drinking all year. What is it about that magazine I wonder?
  2. I have only ever had five pedicures in my life, all of them with the MOMS Club on a MOMS Night Out. Usually in May. It seems so indulgent to have someone else pamper your feet that way! Generally, that type of thing is DIY for me.
  3. I was the female lead in my high school’s production of Pippin in 1989, and I have the video tape to prove it. Don’t make me show you…
  4. Oh, gosh, I just realized I weighed 50 pounds less in high school than I do now. 50 pounds. How is that even possible? I do remember they wouldn’t let me donate blood at the school blood drive because I didn’t meet the minimum weight requirements of 110 pounds. Pardon me while I drown my heavyweight sorrows in a can of Dr. Pepper and a bag of Fritos. Heh.
  5. True confessions time. Earlier this month we ran out of toilet paper in the house and spent a week using tissues because I didn’t feel like making an extra trip to the supermarket.
  6. Our outdoor grill has been broken for the last few years, but nothing says summer to me more than a grilled hot dog with beans & sauerkraut. So, I keep inviting myself to my parents’ house for Memorial Day and similar Summer holidays, and suggesting that they grill up some hot dogs for lunch 😉
  7. I like to buy myself flowers at the supermarket, especially if there are a lot of Gerbera Daisies in the mix.

Well, that was fun 🙂 Thanks, Ladies, for tagging me! This time I’m just going to leave it open to any of my readers who want to play along – consider this your invitation to be tagged. Enjoy the rest of your day! I’ve got order-packing, laundry-doing, playdate-at-the-park-having, and covering-pens-with-claying ahead of me, among other things.

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Taggity tag

  1. Lisa, you made my day with #5. hehe


    1. Haha, glad I could help 😉

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