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We’re on!

I was encouraged by those of you who showed interest in having another sheet swap, and I ended up at the thrift shop yesterday.

A few stripes and a floral found their way back to my house.

Later I was wandering around online, and oh! there are some really unbelievable mod florals on eBay! I can’t in a million years afford all of those, but I figure if I get all of you to buy them and then we swap… well that’s another story. (Sneaky, I know.)

I’ll put together an official signup sheet in the next few days (I hope!) The official signup sheet is here, and I’ll also outline the rules of how to select and cut up the sheets. For now, though, be on the lookout for fun and funky sheets and/or pillowcases from the 70s or 60’s, or maybe even earlier.  They should be either 100% cotton or (more likely) a 50/50 cotton/poly blend.  A popular brand from that era is Cannon.

And in case your local thrift shop options are lacking but you still want to participate, you can check out the little graphic that I added to the blog’s right sidebar over there –> It lists promising eBay auctions. Please somebody snag that green and orange “power daisy” sheet. It just has to become a Summer skirt, or a really funky set of hankies.

I’ll be back later, when I’ve had a chance to get organized. I’m thinking we should shoot for a swap date in mid-June. Does that sound reasonable?

I’m very excited, you know. This could be just the kick start my sewing machine needs!


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “We’re on!

  1. Oh I love this! You’re sheet posts have me thinking about finishing a rag rug project I started last year!

  2. So exciting! I will start my search this weekend…XoXo

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